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Embracing Simplicity

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

People have been telling me for years to start my own blog...

...and start documenting my interesting travels and experiences for the world to see. While the thought has always occurred to me, I found myself stifled by the qualities that prevent anyone from starting something: the fear of failure, and the overwhelming anxiety that comes with figuring out exactly how to get started.

For those of you who know me well, you know I can be a very analytical person. I’m the type of person who actually reads all of the terms and conditions before agreeing to anything. This blog is another example, as I’ve spent countless hours comparing and contrasting web hosting sites, brainstorming domain names and trying to conceive something cohesive for readers. While I’ve often times been praised for my analytical nature, and my constant attention to detail, I’ve realized that it sometimes consumes me. I can’t even begin to mention how many times I’ve dumped hours upon hours into researching the pros and cons of a venture, only to eventually abandon the idea all together. I’m often reluctant to start something unless I have everything figured out. Since I’m also the type of person that constantly strives for self-improvement, and am very critical, being too overly analytical was something I sought to change in myself this year.

Part of my desire to change stems from conversations with others who have started a blog in my situation. Other desires come from the simple messages of kids shows (I know, weird right?) As odd as it sounds, I watch kids shows more than I like to admit, and take their simple messages of trying new things, being the best person that I can be and embracing new adventures in life. Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, for example, has a philosophy of jumping into new adventures and new paths without over-thinking all of his options, and realizes that even if he makes a mistake, it’s a lesson he’ll learn for later. I have a few things to learn from Ash, and seek to take the advice of what he’s saying and apply it to my every day life (that, and become a Pokemon Master, but that’s a different story.)

I don’t always have everything figured out, and that’s okay! This blog will mainly be composed of life stories of personal growth (mental journeys), recollections on euphoric road trips (physical journeys) and the stories behind my journeys of collecting things both tangible and intangible (collection journeys). My hope is to inspire hope through my personal stories of travel and interaction with others, and that people find meaning in the small things in life. There are many journeys we take in life, whether they be physical or metaphorical, and I hope to explore them all.

While this blog is meant to be somewhat of a diary, I encourage any sort of communication. Whether that be suggestions for topics, ideas to explore, or just to tell me what your hopes and aspirations are. These stories wouldn’t be possible without the people that gave them substance and meaning, so I encourage anyone to share their thoughts and keep the journey alive and well!

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